These terms and conditions pertain to all photos found within the archives of  

    A.  All photos are embeded with a copywrite and watermark ID that cannot be removed.  The ID will remain with any photo that is copied as well as all subsequent copies that are made from that photo.  Any violations to these terms will result in legal action.

    B.  All persons may freely copy any photo and use them as they desire unless otherwise stated in these terms.  Photos may be copied and displayed on users websites, presentations, brochures etc.  There is no permission required of US Army Aviation prior to downloading photos.

    C.  No photos that reside in these archives will at any time be used for personal profit.  Photos will not be sold or used in any product for sale.

    D.  Under no circumstances will any of these photos be used in a derogatory manner or to bring discredit upon the US Army.

    E.  These are unofficial US government photos.

    F.  Further browsing into any of the photo archives estabolishes veiwers consent to terms and conditions.

Nov 12th 1999